Young Birds Training


I let my birds sit in the Avery for 2-3 weeks. once they get familiar with the surroundings and feel comfortable, i let them go out and sit on the loft for few days..its a slow process and requires patience.
You should start training a homing pigeon when it is at least 6 weeks old. You can help your pigeons figure out the trapdoor in the loft, when they are 6 weeks of age. The trapdoor is designed to allow your pigeons to get into the loft anytime they want, but you’ll be able to set the trapdoor to only let them out when you want.

It will be good and helpful for training a homing pigeon if you put together a training schedule (so that you have something specific to follow daily). Training a homing pigeon actually requires dedication and lots of time. It will be good if you have a schedule ready, so that you know about what you have to be ready for each day. And this will actually help you keep the training process consistent. The training schedule should include training a homing pigeon at least once a day.



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