Java bird breeding and caring tips


Java bird breeding and caring tips

In this article I will give you some proper tips on java bird care . And Those tips are necessary to breed your bird properly and maintaining there proper health . Java bird breeding is not same as other bird’s like budgerigar or fince. If you able to give them a proper environment and diet they will stay healthy and breed quickly .
Tips 1,
To breed your bird you must needs a proper cage . The average cage size prefer for Java bird breeding is 12″/ 18″ that’s means 1 foot by 1.5 foot . Java bird cage is also needs to be strong.
Tips 2,
The second important thing of Java bird breeding is there breeding box . You needs to use a breeding box for hatching eggs. The hatching box size is small . And a soil made nest can be used as hatching pot , or use a wood box to breed your bird.
Tips 3,
Use a stand or hanger on your bird cage. The birds setting on the hanger . Don’t use plastic or still hanger because it may glissade bird legs on breeding time . Use wood made hanger or bamboo Stick.
Tips 4,
Generally the average adulating age of java bird is 6 month. But don’t breed them before 7 month. Normally a female Java bird give 4 to 6 eggs in a hatching period. The average hatching period is 16 day. On an average they can breed four times in a year.
Tips 5
Tips number 5 is ‘ don’t disturb your bird ‘ . They don’t like a cloudy place. Set up there cage in a corner of the house and give them proper privacy.
Tips 6
Another important part of java bird care is there feed formulation. Give them regular diet feed. As regular feed you can use mixture of Millet seed , paddy seed, sunflower seeds, and black seed ( nizar) . Mix all the materials in a proper ratio and give it to your bird’s . and also use soft foods. They like vegetables and some fruits. Boil corn wet beads are there favorite soft foods. If you able to give them proper care and privacy , they will gives new baby bird. So try to maintain all the tips for a proper breeding and care .



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