Cats and Small to Medium Dogs


Cats and Small to Medium Dogs
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【2.8L Large Capacity】 2.8L meets the drinking water demand of small/medium sized pets for 15 days. The large capacity fountain is difficult to knock over and provides ample water throughout the day so that you’ll spend less time replacing your pet’s water supply or cleaning the bowl.
【FDA Certified】 Made of BPA free and high-quality materials, easy to install and clean, with a silicone pad provided to protect your floor. In addition to the benefit of encouraging your cat or dog to drink more, pet water fountains come in a large variety of designs and can make a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of your home.
【Two Personalized Water Flow Settings】 The fountain has two kinds of water flow settings to please even the pickiest drinkers. The bean sprout mimics a flowing faucet to attract cats, and after inserting a short nozzle, the drinking area becomes wider, which is very suitable for dogs to drink. Of course, you can choose the mode based on your pet’s preferences.
【Upgraded Replacement Filter】 Cats and dogs are very sensitive to tastes and odors, but a water fountain with a filter can provide odor & flavor-free water for your pets! The upgraded filter consists of activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and cotton – efficiently filtering impurities in the water and eliminating odor. A clean source of water is essential to the health of your pet.
【Ultra Quiet & Low-Consumption Pump】 This pump is good news for a timid cat! It operates at less than 40 dB, which is equivalent to someone whispering next to you, so it won’t bother your daily life. In addition, our pumps feature a new design that reduces power consumption. We offer a 2-year warranty, so you can buy now, risk free.

Cats and Small to Medium Dogs
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