Top 5 Guinea Pig Gadgets | Links Included |


These are my Top 5 Guinea Pig Gadgets. Improve and enhance the lives of you and your guinea pigs. Please use these links for discounts and to help Scotty’s Animals.
1. CyberLink Power Director: US Site (10% Off Link) (click on products and scroll down for mobile apps)
UK Site (10% Off Link)
EU Site (10% Off Link)
CyberLink Store:
2. LED Lights: Power Adaptor:
3. IP Camera: Wansview Vimtag:
4. Levoit Humidifier: Discounted Link!
5. Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier: Discounted Link!

For more care tips and to contact me:
I’m a volunteer at the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue:
Watch me bond Guinea Pigs:



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