Top 10 Most Docile and Obedient Dog Breeds


What are the most obedient dog breeds? Obedience is important thing. Different dog breeds have different ability to obey our commands. In this video i will show you TOP 10 Most Docile and obedient dog breeds.

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Obedience implies compliance with the direction or command given by the handler. For a dog to be considered obedient rather than simply trained in obedience, it must respond reliably each time its handler gives a command.

How obedient any dog will be is informed most by their socialization process during their first months and years of life. However, there are some dog breeds which are naturally more inclined to be obedient and, therefore, more easily trainable than others.

No breed is impossible to obedience train, but novice owners might find training some breeds quite difficult. The capacity to learn basic obedience—and even complicated behavior—is inherent in all dogs. Some breeds may require more patience or creativity in training than others. Individual dogs that exhibit fearful or anxious behaviors should also be handled with greater care, and especially not trained using harsh corrective methods, as this training can be psychologically harmful to the dog and result in further behavioral issues.

TOP 10 Obedient dog breeds TIMESTAMPS:
0:25 Doberman Pinscher
0:58 Labrador Retriever
1:27 Border Terrier
1:58 Shetland Sheepdog
2:30 Poodle
2:55 Papillon
3:19 Golden Retriever
3:47 Australian Shepherd
4:28 German Shepherd
4:52 Border Collie

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