The Caring Vet Approach to Dog Paralysis


Grab your copy of Dr. Selmer’s first book — The Best of Both Worlds: An Advanced Guide To Integrative Veterinary Care for Healthier Happier Pups here:

Designed to be the definitive guide to truly holistic health for dogs of all ages, this book equips dog owners with the knowledge they need to navigate any health challenge their dog may face. Highlighting the strengths of standard veterinary care and alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture, food therapy and herbal remedies, Dr. Selmer’s first book offers pup parents the best of both worlds.

Dr. Selmer, based in Long Island, New York writes with the warmth, compassion and humor he brings to each of his patients and virtual clients, earning him a national reputation as The Caring Vet.

The Best of Both Worlds puts vital information at your fingertips, including:

The cornerstones of a more caring, complete approach to veterinary care;
An eye-opening approach for how to use food as medicine, complete with sample menus and foods to serve when your dog is dealing with specific symptoms;
Separate chapters on conditions including cancer and paralysis;
A full chapter dedicated to the most common and most challenging of symptoms: a dog who’s itchy and miserable due to allergies;
Detailed information regarding vaccinations, spaying and neutering decisions and other health considerations.
With this field guide and crash course in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, you’ll be able to better navigate all of the veterinary options you have available to you. You’ll communicate more effectively with your vet. You’ll have the latest information on every aspect of your dog’s medical care when you need it. This book is designed to be a well worn, hands-on reference guide you’ll keep handy and refer to often.



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