Is Pet Insurance worth it? | Everything you need to know


No matter what size or shape, making sure your fur baby is fit and healthy is surely a top priority. But is pet insurance really worth it? Read our full guide to pet insurance:

Finder’s money specialist Sophie Walsh breaks down what pet insurance is, how it works, what it covers and when you might need it. We cover everything from emergency surgery costs to accidental injury, specific dog breeds, and much more. If you’ve thought about stashing some cash away in a savings account instead, we’ve got that covered too

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😻 What you need to know

0:21 #1 Understand what pet insurance is
0:45 #2 Review the costs
1:22 #3 Look at when it’s worth it
2:20 #4 Learn when it’s not worth it
2:51 #5 Evaluate opening a savings account instead

How much does pet insurance cost for different dog breeds?

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